GPO & Certifications

Protection Products is registered with the U.S Small Business Administration, and is a certified Disability-Owned Business Enterprise through the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN)

GPO Contract Number Product Family
Amerinet VH11535 Room Turnover Kits
VH11535 Mattress Protection Products
VH11535 Floor Protection Products
VH11535 Patient Saftey Straps
VH11535 Room Turnover Kits
VH11535 Mops
VH11535 Specialty Liners
Premier PP-OR-1232 Room Turnover Kits
PP-OR-1232 Room Turnover Components
PP-OR-1232 Mattress Protection Products
PP-OR-1232 Floor Protection Products
PP-OR-1232 Patient Saftey Straps
PP-OR-1232 Mops
PP-OR-1232 Specialty Liners