Emergency Room Trauma Kits and Components

Protection Pak™ Trauma Pad

Mattress Protection Pads31

Minimizes clean-up time post procedure by containing fluids in the pad rather than on clothing, stretchers or floor

Protects Patients and staff from cross contamination risk inherent with unprotected stretcher and table pads.

Reduces staff exposure to contaminated linens in clean-up and reprocessing


Protection Pak™ Track Mats

Protection Pak track mats32

Provides a clean, safe work area by absorbing blood, water, soap and other fluids, eliminating wet, slippery floor surfaces

Combines a tear resistant top layer, super absorbent core and impervious backing to contain fluids, reducing potential for falls and cross contamination

Embossed backing reduces slippage on floor surface

Easily deployed in wet areas and quickly lifted from the floor for disposal